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Feynman on sociology

Perhaps it is worth taking note of what a Nobel Laureate wrote about an encounter he had with sociology.

Occupation remains an under exploited category in public health research

Bringing together social scientists and computer scientists with the aim of developing our research and data handling practices to promote increased transparency and reproducibility in our work

Those, in these fields, who maintain these ideas are, at best, ignoring available evidence and at worst, wilfully misrepresenting reality

To improve the transparency and reproducibility of sociological research I believe a step-change is required, not only the way we present the results of our research, but in the research process

This post outlines an alternative specification of a categorical interaction in a logit. This is the second post in a series which considers options for specifying categorical interactions in logit models

I describe the nature and extent of alleged and actual misconduct by Scottish charities, and ask what organizational and financial factors are associated with this outcome?

This post is the first of a series looking at interactions in non-linear models

Mugged by reality

Unfortunately it is hard to leave this lecture without feeling we have all been mugged by reality and the consequences of this are only just beginning to be felt

This blog post provides some thoughts on analysing data from complex social surveys

This article considers the most important issue facing science today. Scotland has not qualified for a men’s senior football tournament since France 1998

Alana McGuire, University of Stirling, 2016 Background This blog is based upon work being undertaken for a PhD at the University of Stirling which explores the impact of Big Data …