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Professor Alison Koslowski and Dr Jackie Gulland from the University of Edinburgh recently delivered a webinar on Ethics in Disability Research Co-production alongside members of the DRILL Ethics Committee.

A simple instantiation of how sociology can follow scientific principles, developed from a model provided by Richard Feynman, a Nobel Laureate.

NCRM Online Learning Resources

Professor Vernon Gayle (RTC affiliate) has produced three new online learning resources for the National Centre for Research Methods.

Claire Houghton of the Research Methods Training Centre has been involved in writing the newly published Independent Children's Rights Impact Assessment.

Professor Lindsay Paterson makes a forceful and well-argued case regarding a deficit in Scotland’s educational data.

Local forecasts of demographic change are essential for the distribution of local resources or to inform decisions around local service provision. Yet such information is not produced as standard statistical output in the UK and methodology in this area is underdeveloped.

In our article, ‘Anxious women or complacent men? Examining statistics anxiety in UK sociology undergraduates’, we wanted to revisit the core demographic variables of age and sex to examine their association with reported anxiety of statistics.

New research paper from Kevin Ralston examining gender differences in experiences of statistical anxiety among Sociology undergraduates.

Alan Marshall is chairing the External Methodology Assurance Panel for the 2021 Census from May. 

This post applies nationally collected, representative data to highlight some of the trends underlying the official employment rate.

Funky data and complicated models

This blog examines options available to undertake Mediation analyses in packages SPSS, R and Stata.

A Categorical Can of Worms III

This post is the third in a series of blogs which examine parameterisations of interactions in logit models.