Social Stratification, Past, Present and Future

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The latest issue of Contemporary Social Science (Volume 16, Issue 3) is a special issue on ‘Social Stratification, Past, Present and Future’. It features articles from Research Training Centre members Roxanne Connelly and Vernon Gayle, as well as recent PhD graduate Sarah Stopforth from the School of Social and Political Science.

Social class inequalities in educational attainment: measuring social class using capitals, assets and resources

This article engages with debates on the operationalisation of social class. It uses Latent Class Analysis to operationalise a social class measure based on capitals assets and resources and compares it to a more standard neo-Weberian measure.

Social class inequalities in Scottish school qualifications

This paper uses linked administrative data from the Scottish Qualifications Authority and the Scottish Longitudinal study to examine social class inequalities in Scottish school attainment.

Parental social class and school GCSE outcomes: two decades of evidence from UK household panel surveys

This paper capitalises on longitudinal panel study data from 1991 to 2013 to study long term trends in social class inequalities in GCSE attainment.


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