Recordings of previous seminars and presentation slides (where available)

Saving Time, Money and Lives with Data

Tuesday 6 December 2022
Roger Halliday


In this seminar, Roger Halliday outlines how public wellbeing can be improved through the use of data, and what is being done in Scotland to make this easier.

Adapting face-to-face surveys in a pandemic: what did we do and what did we learn?

Tuesday 25 October 2022
Paul Bradshaw


Find out how ScotCen adapted large-scale face-to-face surveys during the pandemic and the implications for future survey design.

Machine Learning Models for the Measurement of Media Capture

Tuesday 20 September 2022
Dr Christopher Barrie


In this seminar, Dr Christopher Barrie elaborates an automated technique using data from over 30 million news articles in Egypt. 

Linking Survey and Social Media Data: Experiences and Evidence

Tuesday 17 May 2022
Professor Tarek Al Baghal


In this seminar, Professor Tarek Al Baghal discusses linking survey and social media data.

Researching Low-Income Fatherhoods Over Time

Tuesday 26 April 2022
Dr Anna Tarrant


In this seminar, Dr Anna Tarrant discusses her evolving methodological research on low-income fatherhoods.

Digital Research in Hybrid, Fractured and Hidden Worlds

Thursday 24 February 2022
Dr Angus Bancroft


In this seminar, Dr Angus Bancroft discusses social research in hybrid, fractured and hidden digital spaces.

Data as Atrocity Stories or Data as Fiction?

Tuesday 9 November 2021
Professor Mhairi Mackenzie


In this seminar, Professor Mhairi Mackenzie uses data from two projects to illustrate and explore the analytical challenges of doing justice to research data.

The Place of Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences

Tuesday 12 October 2021
Dr Charlotte Brookfield


In this seminar, Dr Charlotte Brookfield discusses the identity and learning journey of quantitative social scientists in the UK.

The Time of Our Lives: Time Use Diary Methods for the Study of Couple Time

Tuesday 15 June 2021
Dr Stella Chatzitheochari 


In this seminar, Dr Stella Chatzitheochari discusses the value of time use diary methods for social science research.

Comparability of Formative Measures in Cross-National Surveys

Tuesday 25 May 2021
Dr Boris Sokolov


In this seminar, Dr Boris Sokolov discusses the advantages and disadvantages of formative measures in cross-national surveys.

Oral Histories and Futures: Methodological Innovations in Times of Crisis

Tuesday 27 April 2021
Dr Sarah Marie Hall  


In this seminar, Dr Sarah Marie Hall showcases Oral Histories and Futures as a transformative interviewing method.

Diffusion and Distortion of Evidence in Science

Tuesday 23 March 2021
Dr Rhodri Leng


In this seminar, Dr Rhodri Leng outlines some of the biases that shape how published evidence spreads through scientific literature and how this influences scientific understanding. 

Neuropolitics, Identity and Behaviour

Tuesday 23 February 2021
Professor Laura Cram


In this seminar, Professor Laura Cram introduces the neuropolitical approach and provides some examples of its emerging contribution to the study of political identities and behaviour. 


How many research methods are enough?

Tuesday 26 January 2021
Professor Graham Crow   

In this seminar, Professor Graham Crow discusses mixed methods research using a study conducted by Ray Pahl employing nine different methods.