New R package “academictwitteR”

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Twitter announced the Academic Research Product Track in January 2021. This new endpoint for the Twitter API allows researchers to gather tweets from Twitter’s full historical archive (2006 onwards).

Christopher Barrie (RTC) and former PhD student Justin Chun-ting Ho have published a new R package to gather data from the Twitter API. The software was designed with academic research in mind, and encourages users to properly manage the storage of data. It allows R users to access the full range of parameters offered by the new v2 Twitter API, meaning researchers can search tweets by user, by tweet content, and can include multiple additional parameters (e.g., excluding retweets, searching by tweets containing media or images, and searching by the location of the user or tweet).

The full details of the package are available on CRAN.

The source code of the package is available on Github.


Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash


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