Training & Events

Methods training and events

The Research Training Centre provides methods training to staff and students within the School of Social and Political Science (SPS) as well as across the University through our Micro-Methods workshops. 

 In addition to our Micro-Methods workshops we offer a range of other training opportunities and events.


The Research Training Centre seminars are designed to spark debate, discussion and dialogue around research methods. They provide an opportunity to hear about the latest social science research from speakers drawn from a wide range of fields within academia and beyond. 

Dissertation support

The Research Training Centre, offer a range of resources and events to support students working on dissertations through our SPS Dissertation Support site on Learn. The Covid-19 outbreak and associated restrictions bring new challenges for the dissertation process but don’t worry – alternative strategies are possible and here we provide materials and links to resources and ideas to guide you through your dissertation! All MSc students within the School of Social and Political Science will be given access to this site during Flexible Learning Week. 

Research Methods Resources for staff and students

We have collated a wide range of resources on Social Science research methods, available for anyone with an EASE password. The self-enrol site has material on collecting and analysing data, qualitative and quantitative data analysis as well as details of upcoming training and events.  Visit the Learn site for resources on research methods  (Please note you will need to click on the ‘enrol’ button on the left hand side of the page).

Flexible Learning Week 

We offered an exciting programme of methods workshops during the Flexible Learning Week. Workshops varied in length; from two to three hours to day events but all offer tuition and hands on experiences applying social science methods. Look out for updates on the website and our RTC twitter feed for all the latest information.

Peer Assisted Learning Initiative (PALS)  

The Peer Learning programmes are student-led initiatives that offer academic guidance for newer students by more experienced students. At present we have one methods-based PALS; the QM PALS group who are available to support those taking a quantitative methods course. This runs weekly every Friday from 10:00am-12:00pm. For more information, please get in touch with third year student Mia Suhaimi.

"I work on demographic statistics at National Records of Scotland. I have interviewed hundreds of people, and managed dozens. Because of this, I am very enthusiastic about students developing applied skills which will be useful when you are applying for jobs, and when you find work.

I think these workshops look brilliant and should be really worthwhile. I wish something like this had been available when I was a student!"

Dr Esther Roughsedge, National Records of Scotland

“The core of our day to day business at ScotCen Social Research is concerned with responding to a wide range of applied research and evidence needs utilising a variety of methods and sources of information. To meet these needs, we require researchers with both expertise in quantitative or qualitative methods alongside a broader understanding of varied research practice and its application. The micro-method workshops are a great opportunity to build on expertise, develop understanding of new methods and extend the types of skills needed when working in an applied research context.”’

Paul Bradshaw, Director of ScotCen