In our paper, we turned our attention to exploring school GCSE attainment at the subject-area level, rather than looking at overall outcomes or outcomes in individual GCSE subjects

There is a buzz around administrative data, many people seem to be using it, are you missing out?

Until we have an evidenced understanding of what constitutes good practice in QM teaching how do we know whether we are really improving capacity?

Aspen Chen (2014) developed the programs -qv- and –qvgraph- for Stata. These programs have saved me a great deal of time and the facility to graph coefficients alongside quasi-standard errors is straightforward and very useful

Is there really a ‘benefits entitlement crowd’ accessing council housing in the way portrayed by the mainstream media?

Essex Summer School forms a legendary element of the PhD years. Where else can you spend two weeks socialising with groups of people who share your substantive and methodological interests?