A Balanced Approach to Ethics in Ethnography

'Code of Ethical Behaviour' Neon Sign

Davidson, E. and McMellon, C. (2021), “A Balanced Approach to Ethics in Ethnography”, Spencer, G. (Ed.) Ethics and Integrity in Research with Children and Young People (Advances in Research Ethics and Integrity, Vol. 7), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 105-119.


New book chapter from Dr Emma Davidson (Research Training Centre) and Senior Research Fellow (Moray House), Dr Christina McMellon, uses cross-cultural ethnographic research in Laos, Southeast Asia and Scotland, to expose some of the ethical dilemmas that can emerge from researcher–participant relationships in youth studies. Reflecting on their doctoral research, Emma and Christina discuss the diverse ways emotional connections can shape and direct ethics in practice.


This chapter forms part of the Ethics and Integrity in Research with Children and Young People collection edited by Grace Spencer. It offers a guide for researchers working to support children and young people’s meaningful participation in research.



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